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Although it is said in many ways the advantages are the same. The escrow guarantees the client that he will receive the requested service under the agreed conditions and within the agreed delivery time

TThe Escrow is a trustworthy figure, generally used for the closing of negotiations, regardless of its nature, which in order to carry it out it is necessary that the securities are paid or the documents intervening in the transaction are subject to terms and conditions, more exactly when certain events or happenings occur.

In this way, the parties involved in transactions that do not trust advancing funds or delivering documents without the fulfillment of the contract conditions can deposit the same in the hands of the Escrow Agent, which is CTRD ESCROW SERVICES, a subsidiary company to LAS AMERICAS TITLE SERVICES that ensures the following:

1. That the payments intervening in a negotiation are made in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof, with the approval of the parties involved in the operation that have signed the Escrow Agreement intervened for such purpose.

2. That the documents entrusted to the Escrow Agent remain under its custody, to be only released pursuant to the terms and conditions previously agreed in the Escrow Agreement signed for such purpose.

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