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Estate Title Insurance

As a complement to our services of REAL ESTATE SECURITY SEAL and RESEARCH ON THE REGISTER, JUDICIAL AND CADASTRAL SITUATION OF THE PROPERTY, we offer TITLE INSURANCE, which is an agreement that through a single payment, shall protect, defend and indemnify the owner of the POLICY in amounts that do not exceed the contracted value, for losses caused by defects registered or not, in the property, existing until the day in which the Insurance is issued.

Some examples covered by this product:

•       Error in filing a document by the Registry of Titles

•       Fraud

•       Counterfeit

•       Coercion

•       Documents executed by minors or incompetent

•       Adverse possession

•       Disputes over boundaries


The Title Insurance represents the legal security of ownership and free of risks of the property acquired, which is issued by a prestigious and solvent NORTH AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY.


This service includes:


a. The Commitment of the Title Insurance.

Before issuing the corresponding Title Insurance Policy, we provide to COMMITMENT of the Title Insurance, which is the commitment of our office to issue the Title Insurance of the property once the transaction is closed.


b. Title Insurance Policy issued by a prestigious and solvent North American Title Insurance Company.

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