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of RealEstate Property 

Real Estate Property Seal


This innovative product reflects the legal, judicial and cadastral status of the property that is being purchased through an investigation, carried out thoroughly and in detail before the Real Estate Jurisdiction, covering the Registry of Title, the Land Courts and the Directorate of Cadastral Measurements. It allows the purchaser of the property to know with certainty of a specialized hands the real situation in which the property is located at the time it is intended to acquire, thus avoiding investing your money in a property with a legal, judicial or cadastral problem, which, in the future might represent a total or partial loss of your investment.


Once the property passes this investigation process, our company issues the REAL ESTATE GUARANTEE SEAL, which is the summarized diagnosis of the property that is being acquired, reflected in a document certified by our company. 

The Americas Title Services is accredited by the Superintendency of Banks as "Securities Certifier of Real Estate Property", being the first office in the country to obtain such certification pursuant to Law 189-11 on Mortgage Market and the Trust. This proves that LAS AMERICAS TITLE SERVICES can legally issue the REAL ESTATE GUARANTEE SEAL about the legal conditions of the Property and thus avoid hidden interests at the closing of a real estate transaction or mortgage loan. Such grants a greater legal certainty  to the parties involved as well as to the securities and financial markets.


This REAL ESTATE GUARANTEE SEAL is ideal for all REAL ESTATE AGENTS to include in their inventory of properties, and so the purchaser or investor can know their legal status in advance without the need of a lawyer that is expensive, takes time provide information and uses standard methods for such research.

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