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Las Americas Title Services es una empresa especializada en servicios y productos para transacciones inmobiliaria.



in knowledge pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

The Americas Title Services arises from the need to endow the growing commercial investments, in the real estate sector and in the residential tourism area, with the services of a specialized office offering a wide range of specialized products for the real estate industry.


                                                    About our services ...

Real Estate Guarantee Seal

This innovative product reflects the legal, legal and cadastral status of the property you are buying through an investigation, carried out thoroughly before the corresponding title register, the land courts and the cadastral survey.

Specialized Investigation of the Registry, Judicial and Cadastre Situation of the Property

This is important for any real estate operation, or guarantee for mortgage loans, for the purpose of verifying the legal status of the property in the certificates of titles, before the corresponding Registry of Titles, as well as conducting a comprehensive investigation and review extending the scope of information search to cadastral plans, court files, among others.

Issuance of Title Insurance

As a complement to our registry, judicial and cadastral investigation services, we offer TITLE INSURANCE, which is an agreement through the payment of a single coverage, to protect, defend and indemnify the contract holder, in sums that do not exceed the value contracted, for losses caused by defects registered or not found in the title existing on the date on which the contract was issued.

Escrow (custodian) of Funds and Documents

The Escrow is a trustworthy figure, generally used for the closing of negotiations, regardless of its nature, where in order to carry it out it is necessary that the securities to be paid and the conditions are subject to the occurrence of certain events or events.

Measurement Processes

The cadastral aspect is an important part of all real estate and vital for the realization of certain real estate operations, that is why we offer surveying services for the different processes of measurements, together with our legal advice.


Constitution and approval of Condominium Regime

For condominiums, whether residential, commercial or professional, we offer the procedures for its constitution before the Regional Directorate of Cadastral Measurements, exhausting the entire process until the final issuance of certificates of titles resulting from each functional unit in the corresponding Registry of Titles. To start this process it is necessary that you provide us with the project plans duly approved by the corresponding institutions.


We offer services to intervene in everything required for the closing of a real estate transaction. We provide all kinds of services needed in real estate projects to complete their ownership procedures, such as raising funds from the parties involved, prepare contracts, services of measurements and other procedures to ensure that all legal, cadastral and fiscal requirements are met. in accordance with current legislation.


Valuations are made, where an objective valuation of the property is provided, revealing the existence of improvements, servitudes, intruders, among others, with professionals duly authorized for these purposes. These appraisals are valid for the purchase of real estate and bank loans.

Other services

Off-Shore Company Formation Services: We provide Off-Shore Companies, in folders or to be incorporated with the name and specifications required by the client, both under Panamanian, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Grand Cayman laws. , as well as the services of its annual maintenance. We also offer additional services for them, such as copy authentication, good standing certificate, Special or General Powers, Amendments, Legalizations and Apostilles, among others. Maintenance Services and Constitution of National Companies

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