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Once your money is invested in a real estate business, the least we expect is for property claims to arise, the result of past unforeseen problems due to lack of adequate research.

  • Errors in Public Records:
    Making mistakes is human, but when an error affects your rights as an owner it can be devastating. Administrative or registration errors can affect the title of the property as well as its cadastral measurement putting your investment at risk.
  • Unknown Liens:
    Some previous owner may not have paid the property taxes. Neither does a debt that banks or other financial entities can register liens on their property for unpaid debts, even after closing the sale. This is extremely dangerous since it endangers the foreclosure.
  • Escrituras Ilegales:
    Es posible que un menor, una persona que no esté en pleno uso de sus facultades mentales o alguien que dice ser soltero pero está casado, haya firmado una escritura anterior. Estos asuntos pueden afectar la posesión actual del inmueble.
  • Missing Heirs:
    When a person dies, the right of property can go to the heirs or to whom it has been named in the testament. However, sometimes the heirs are missing or unknown at the time of death. Other times family members can sue the will demanding their rights to the property. These scenarios, which may arise after you have purchased the property, may affect your ownership rights.
  • Fakes:
    Unfortunately we do not live in a completely honest world. Sometimes, a false or invented document has been registered hiding the true owner. Once these falsifications are clarified, they can constitute a danger to your rights of ownership.
  • Non-Discovered Impediments:
    At the time of purchase you may not know that a third party is entitled to part or all of the property, due to a mortgage lien, non-financial claims such as restrictions or agreements, thus limiting the use of the property.
  • Unknown servitude
    You may be the owner of the property and the land around you, but an unknown easement may prohibit you from using it in the desired way, or allow a government agency, business or other party to have access to all or portions of it. Although easements are generally non-financial issues, they can also affect your right to enjoy the property.
  • Limit Disputes / Surveying
    You can make several surveys of your property before buying it, however the official survey approved by Cadastral Measurements can indicate different limits or extensions, which can cause a third party, such as a neighbor, to claim rights to some portion of the property.
  • Testament not discovered:
    When an owner dies without a will or heir, the state can sell their property, including the house. When you buy such a property, you assume ownership rights. However, even years later, the testament of the owner may come up and his rights may be in danger.
  • Suplantación de Personalidad del Propietario Previo:
    Common and similar names can make it possible to impersonate the owner of a property. If you bought a property that was once sold by a fake owner, you may lose your legal rights to it.
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